30 Day Paleo Challenge

Paleo…What the heck is that?
For me, Paleo eating is not a diet, but more of a lifestyle.
Why would anyone want to do this to themselves? Are you a masochist? Nope, not at all. We strive to fuel our bodies for optimal performance. I don’t plan on eating 100% Paleo for the rest of my life, but I do plan to maintain a 80/20 ratio which I find to be realistic for my lifestyle.
Why should you try eating like this? Because it will make you feel good! If you want the science behind Paleo eating, check out or . I personally don’t care about the science-y part, I just know that I feel so much healthier than before. After the 30 days were up, I slowly incorporated foods back into my diet to see what worked for me. Definately an eye opener.If you have any stomach issues and dont know why, I highly suggest you give it a try. Heres a little insight into my childhood eating, maybe you can relate.
As a child I used to eat Entemann’s Chocolate Doughnuts
yep, those are the ones, every morning for breakfast. For like 10 years. Every morning when I sat on the school bus I had a wicked stomachache. The first few classes of the day were brutal. No, I do not have a negligent mother, I was just a really picky eater. Super pain-in-the-ass picky. I wouldn’t drink water, and when my mother tried to make me I’d dump it out on the carpet instead of down the sink so I wouldnt get caught. That house probably had a lot of mold. Oops.
I also had chicken parmigiana and pasta for dinner every year on my birthday growing up. Then we had ice cream cake to celebrate. I would then proceed to puke my brains out all night. I hate birthdays.
Anyway, I discovered some interesting things about my body when I tried eating Paleo for just 1 month. I bet you can guess what I discovered. Any guesses? Ok, I’ll tell you. I cannot tolerate dairy. I am not lactose intolerant (I was tested) but something about high amounts of dairy just dont work for me. I still eat a little bit of cheese here and there, but no more ice cream cake and chicken parm for me. Surprisingly, I don’t miss it.
I also discovered that I have an intolerance to eggs. I can eat the whites, but no yolks. Sad, they’re so tasty! I have been substituting them with eggbeaters (I know-cave men didn’t have eggbeaters, sue me. they didnt write blogs either!) and it has been working much better for me. A happy stomach=happy nicole. I have noticed my skin in clearer, probably from decreasing my sugar intake, and I sleep better that I ever have before. I sleep like a f*cking rock. Unless I have tea too close to bedtime. Or Doritos. I f*cking LOVE Doritos. They are the 20% of my non-paleo eating.
Did you really stick around this long? Impressive. You shall now be kindly rewarded with some of my favorite paleo blogs. Feel free to share some of your own. Enjoy. –  Juli shares her food obsession by creating delicious paleo dishes with a wicked sense of humor.
balanced bites – real food for real people- real tasty
Civilized Caveman– George is a US Marine who still finds time for Paleo cooking. Awesome stuff on there.

2 thoughts on “30 Day Paleo Challenge

  1. I’m a super fan of :). I actually skipped the cake, but at a ton of chips and snacks. Oh and wine. Lots of wine.

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