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I hope you all had an awesome 4th of July weekend, filled with beer, bbqs, and fireworks. I am living proof that one can exist solely on Miller Lite and bunless hamburgers. Oh, and the occasional fireball shot, whats life without whimsy?
Ok, Nicole, lets get to the point. I didnt name this post “my love affair with hamburgers”. Although thats not a bad idea, they’re so delicious, and versatile. Anyway, I want to acknowledge why we drink our faces off on the 4th of July. Besides getting trashed and watching fireworks, we are celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Lets pretend were back in 1776, a colonist in one of the puny 13 colonies that will eventually become this badass nation we live in. Could you imagine the fear of the unknown, breaking away from a safe, established nation to try to do things on your own? There was no guarantee of success, and signing the Declaration was pretty much severing the umbilical cord with Britain. For what? Freedom. Something that we take for granted every single day.
We have the freedom to follow our dreams without oppression and live the lives we choose. This is a luxury we have in America that many other nations don’t have. 
Hate your job? Have a bad breakup? Yea, thats a bummer. But you could be in Beirut right now, where bombs are going off as I write this. You could be in Egypt, living in fear from the political unrest. You could be an American soldier in Iraq, not knowing if you’ll get blown up today. Remember Malala Yousafzai? The brave Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban for going to school. How many of us complained about going to school? 
I can’t speak for everyone, but I know my problems aren’t so bad. I have food, clean water, a job, and a safe home. I am so fortunate.
Lets all get off the couch and go do something awesome with our lives today, because we can. As a thank you to our forefathers who gave us the freedom to do so. 

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