A Rugged Weekend

Wow I am exhausted! I hope you all had a great weekend. Did you try anything new? Step out of your comfort zone? That is something I have been trying to do more of. They always say you’ll regret the things you don’t do most, right? I had a jam packed weekend filled with great friends and physically challenging activities.


We had our first Crossfit box-off against Marlboro Crossfit (thanks for hosting us!!) on Saturday. It was awesome. This is something I love about Crossfitters; our box and MCF are in the same town, but instead of hating each other and competing for members, we threw a friendly competition to celebrate something we both love- Crossfit!! New friends and brutal workouts that test the limits of the mind and body. Theres something about suffering with others that helps build camaraderie. Can’t wait for our first co-box social!


As if #95 Clean and Jerks weren’t brutal enough, I was kindly reminded that I had signed up for a 5k mud run on Sunday. I somehow managed to peel myself out of bed, throw on my running shoes, and limp out the door to the Rugged Maniac Race. In all honesty, the running actually made my legs feel better, until I was trotting in knee deep mud and couldn’t lift my legs.


Finished off a non-stop weekend with a dip in the hot tub to soothe sore muscles, and some delicious bruschetta made with basil and tomatoes from our garden.


I hope you push yourself to a new limit this week, whether its reaching a new PR or starting a new activity, do it! What do you have to lose? Back to work tomorrow, lets hope I can walk!

Stay Rugged,



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