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Listen up!


On my first grade report card my teacher wrote that I was “quiet and polite, a pleasure to have in class”.

…I don’t know what happened either…

Somewhere along the road to 25 I learned how to talk.

Everyone has a story that deserves to be told. Listening to others- REALLY listening is an invaluable skill that will open doors in all of your relationships. I am determined to become a better listener. Bear with me, it is a work in progress! Want to join me?

1. Ditch the cell phone. Ever notice when you are out with a group of people, no one talks to each other? That’s because everyone’s on their cell phones! What happened to old school conversation? I challenge you to make an honest effort to put down the phone, and engage with what’s right in front of you, right now.

2. Listen to what is being said instead of thinking of what you will say next. Do you do this? I do, all the time. You may have something really exciting to add, or maybe you don’t want to sound stupid if you don’t have a response right away, but you’ll look pretty dumb if you can’t remember what was just said because you weren’t listening.

3. So the third thing I am tr- Guess what! I have exciting news!!! – Did you see what I did there? Doesn’t it drive you nuts when people interrupt you? Me too. So let’s all try to stop doing it, k?

What are you doing to improve yourself today? Any ideas on how to be a better listener? Shoot me a comment, I’d to hear your ideas. Can’t wait to talk... I mean listen to you soon!!



2 thoughts on “Listen up!

  1. This is a post I can really relate to. Growing up in a house with three sisters, I felt like I could never get a word in. And you know who was the worst interrupter? My mother. I swear to God, she would talk over Obama if he was sitting at our dinner table. It’s very frustrating, and makes me really appreciate people who DON’T interrupt. I can’t say I’m completely innocent of this charge either. Sometimes, to get heard in my house, you have to just cut someone (cough-Marge-cough) off. But I make a conscience (sp?) effort not to interrupt, because I know how it feels. Not just frustrating, but also, it tells you the other person doesn’t care what you have to say, and that’s upsetting. Hurtful, even.

    1. Kim, you were actually one of the people I thought of when I was writing this, because you are SUCH a good listener, and I feel like I don’t reciprocate! I’ll work on that, in the meantime, just tell me to shut up when I talk too much 🙂

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