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be present

Football is back!!! I am so excited! Theres nothing like a Fall evening filled with good food, great friends, and the E-A-G-L-E-S! Whatever your team preference, I hope you have a blast this season. Currently watching the Eagles DESTROY the Redskins, its a beautiful sight.

I had a really great talk with someone today about what I value the most about being fit.  Having abs is cool and all, it certainly beats being obese, but it pales in comparison to my favorite aspect of being in shape

being strong


Last week one of the girls in my office said she was going to wait for the men to change the 5 gallon water jug. I scooped that bad boy up and plopped it on the cooler.  Easy peasy.  There is NOTHING more satisfying than knowing that I can lift heavy objects,  people, or pull myself up if I am hanging off a cliff.  It gives me a sense of pride that cannot be replicated anywhere else. There have been many times when I wished I looked different, but I would NEVER trade my ability to back squat or dead lift 200lbs to get rid of my massive thighs. I love lifting far too much, so I guess they are here to stay!


Check out them glutes!

I went indoor rock climbing over the weekend  and it was a BLAST!  It was a little bit intimidating,  a killer workout, but most importantly kept me so engaged that the time flew by.


Those are the best type of activities, where you are so focused on the task at hand, that everything else just fades into the background. I am trying to do this with all aspects of my life. Being present.

Its tough to do when there are so many distractions in life.. facebook, texting, etc. I have found that the days that I am completely focused at work I am insanely productive and have a blast. Days like that it doesn’t feel like work.

be present

Next stop, belaying certification!


One thought on “be present

  1. I C&J’d 135# last night, woot woot, PR! I love being able to do things people (esp men) think you’re incapable of. Example, once at the driving range (same one we went to), this (old) guy stopped and was like “wow, you can actually hit it.” Well, yeah, I practice, so I’m pretty good. He just assumed that I was there with my dad, and that I wouldn’t have any kind of technique or skill. It’s annoying, but also satisfying.

    Also, sign us up for belaying! I want to start hitting that wall whenever we want.

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