Run baby Run

Where have you been? I’ve missed you! just kidding, it was me who hasn’t been on here for a while. oops. I have been trying to be less attached  to my phone/facebook/technology, and I forgot about this thing. HAPPY OCTOBER!! I love fall… the brisk morning air, the leaves changing, apple cider, and most importantly EVERYTHING PUMPKIN!!! Standby for for pumpkin recipes in the near future.

I am currently training for the Marine Corps Marathon (I know, I’ve always said I would NEVER do one… I lied). I’ve been asking my marathon-expert friends for advice about what to eat/how much to train etc.


Like my new kicks?

I have been doing one long run over the weekend, and shorter runs 3-4 days during the week. My goal is to get 20 miles under my belt before race day,  and allow the endorphins carry me the last 6. So far my long runs have been a lot of fun, but I have been doing a 5 mi loop around a lake… it is getting boring. I need a change of scenery for this weekend. Maybe the boardwalk?

So far I have discovered that my foam roller is my best friend, my quads and IT band get really tight after a long run. I always thought it was a joint issue when my knees hurt after the half marathons I have done, turns out I was neglecting my IT band!


I love me some Self Myofascial Release

I am still not sure what I will be eating on race day. Since I will traveling, I will not have the luxury of cooking as I usually do. I am currently experimenting with protein muffin recipes to eat for breakfast the morning of, which I can just bring down in a tupperware container. If that doesn’t work I’ll see how cliff bars do, since they are easily portable. Unfortunately I cannot eat bananas, and I try to avoid toast/bagels so those are all out… any suggestions?
[Also, my dear friend Kim has kindly pointed out to me that my blog is not as “self help”/motivation as the title implies, I actually just like to write about myself. So expect some big changes! (oh yes, there will be dinosaurs..) Get excited!]
Happy Fall!! 🙂

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