3 day weekend and a new recipe

Happy Saturday!! The work week has ended, I am off to enjoy a relaxing three day weekend!  This week was filled with meal preparation, crossfit, and rock climbing… in addition to work that is. Is it just me, or does work seem to get in the way of all the things you actually want to do? How inconvenient.


Today is day 13 of the 21DSD, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel fine, no major cravings, its just annoying having to turn down some invites to go out to eat/be picky when I order. I am going out to a BBQ place tonight with some of my favorite pals, I will have to scope out the menu in advance to see what I can/can’t eat.

I made a delicious creation on Thursday night, and wound up having it for breakfast and lunch on Friday. Oh yea, it’s that freakin good. I often try out recipes from blogs/cookbooks/pinterest, and more often than not they don’t rock my world. Juli over at PaleOMG is probably the most consistent blogger I have found to have mind-blowingly good recipes on a regular basis. This is her “Pizza Spaghetti Pie” with some minor changes. I used two 8oz cans of tomato sauce, and sprinkled a think layer of mozzarella cheese on top, which made it get a nice crispy brown top layer. I’ll post a step by step how to cook spaghetti squash for those of you who are unfamiliar with them.


Yep… this was breakfast

Did ya notice that the name of the blog has changed? What do you think? I thought I would change it up a little for the new year, make it more me. Stay tuned for some appearance changes as well.

Hugs and deadlifts,



3 thoughts on “3 day weekend and a new recipe

  1. I’ve been dying to make that recipe from paleomg – love her! I’m on the 21DSD right now too and am loving how I’m feeling but definitely craving some off-plan foods! Almost there 🙂

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