Cheater, cheater

I forgot to post this on Sunday:

Day 14: the end is near!!

I have a confession to make, which you can probably guess from the title. I CHEATED!! No, not on the boyfriend, SUGAR WAS EATEN!!

Not cookies, or brownies.. not even the chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter that someone brought to the gym yesterday.

photo 1

I had pulled pork and brisket that were slow cooked in BBQ sauce with sweet potato fries, a chopped salad, and cornbread. Sue me. (If you’ve been to Jersey Shore BBQ, you understand)

There was a time when a setback like this would feel like failure, and I’d give up and proceed to stuff my face with all of the things that I shouldn’t be eating. Instead, it didn’t really faze me at all. I turned down the hoppy deliciousness of beer that was being consumed around me and opted for seltzer instead, and then I went on with my life making clean eating decisions.

This makes me feel confident that I will be able to continue living a clean eating lifestyle in the future, without feeling like I am “giving up” the cheat foods I love. I can be mature* and demonstrate the self control to say “no, thank you” most of the time, while only indulging for special occasions.

*to those of you who are laughing, you can be a mature grown up and still love dinosaurs. Don’t hate.

So here’s to keeping things in moderation, except for a positive attitude, which I will gladly overindulge in 🙂

photo 2


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