21DSD Review

The 21-day sugar detox is complete!

After 21 (ok, it was more like 18) grueling days, I am finished! So let’s review how those three weeks went.

  • I slept SO FREAKING WELL the whole time (I’m not sure if this is because I did not snack at night or because of what I was actually eating, either way, sleep is great)
  • My skin is good, I wouldn’t say there was a drastic improvement, but I didn’t have any major breakouts
  • No tummy aches! I have typically a lot of stomach issues (dairy and fried foods are my enemy), but felt pretty good the whole time. I did feel bloated for a day or two, but thats all.
  • Energy was good, I never felt super hungry, which I was concerned about. I did level 1 which allows some starches (brown rice, quinoa) as well as the “energy” level (I had sweet potatos after workouts quite often)
  • It made me awesome at meal prep, and I discovered a lot of great recipes.
  • I was a major crab a few nights because everyone was having junk food and I wanted it.
  • I got SO SICK (was this diet related? I have no clue, but when I get sick all I want is comfort foods, and the paleo versions weren’t cutting it. Its January, everyone is sick, so I don’t blame it on the detox, but my immune system may have been a bit weakened)
  • I missed out on a few fun activities (I avoided some dinner/drink invitations so that I was not tempted)

Will I do it again? Probably. It was a nice reset after the holidays. I am not planning on doing anything strict right now, I will just continue to eat real, clean foods that I prepare myself and make healthy choices when I go out. I am going to continue the meal prep routine that I developed during the detox so I am not tempted to snack on junk food when I am away from the kitchen. I will allow myself to cheat from time to time so I don’t get crazy cravings. Everything in moderation! (even doritos)

Post detox.. Sorry I don’t have a before!

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