midweek motivation

Taking the good with the bad

The past 48 hours have been filled with lots of ups and downs.

breakfast3Someone brought in Dunkin Donuts at work today. I had to try their new one.. you know, the one filled with cookie dough. I love all things cookie dough. SPOILER ALERT, it doesn’t taste like it at all. Do I regret it? No. Was it worth the calories? Negative. Don’t waste your time, eat actual cookie dough.

Speaking of eating unhealthy things, I am going to making a few desserts for my man for Valentines Day, I’ll be sure to share (after the fact, in case he reads this).

In other news, I  got rear ended last night on my way to the gym. (As some of you may remember, I just bought a new car in December when the batmobile died.) My poor baby! Everyone was ok and there was no major damage, but more than anything I am impressed with myself and how I handled the situation. I remember once as a child my mother was rear ended when she was driving me to the beach. The woman who hit us was distracted by her kid in the back seat and didn’t bother to stop at the red light we were stopped at. I wanted to MURDER her for ruining my beach day.

Maybe I am more mature now, or perhaps my new yoga practice has made me a bit more zen, but it didn’t really faze me at all. The guy was young and so apologetic, I wound up assuring him that everything was ok, and not to stress because things can always be worse. Cars can be fixed…You can’t change every situation, only how you react to it.

If you think I’m full of it, or maybe you need a little “feel good” energy, check out this video.

Yoga day 3 was good, it was focused on posture. I tried to be aware of my posture today and not slouch while typing on the computer all day long. I have been in a really positive mood lately. I guess theres no reason not to, life is good! I am beat after a long day of work and then coaching crossfit (I will start coaching on my own next week!) afterwards. Time to get a good night’s sleep; I hope you all have a snow day tomorrow!!


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