Its Friday I’m In Love…

Happy Valentines Day!!

I hope you are all spending it cozy and warm with your loved ones, whether that is a significant other, family, friends, or pets!

Instead of getting all mushy and sappy (yuck!) with you on this Hallmark holiday, I would like to share a few things that I am loving right now.

1. Escada- Cherry in the Air

IMG_2194For Christmas, mom gave me this fragrance sampler from Sephora with five different perfume samples to try. The best part is, you pick your favorite, and it comes with a voucher to claim the full sized product of your choice! I chose Escada- its a fresh scent that isn’t too overwhelming. I loved being able to sample all five and decide what I liked and didn’t.

2. Sakroots Water Nation Satchel


This also came from mom for Christmas (she knows me so well!) and I will certainly be taking it on our cruise coming up in a few weeks. It holds EVERYTHING from my gym clothes, to my work stuff. I kind of want to use it year round because it makes me feel like summer is here! I wish it zippered on top, but it has a cute little clip to all of my things in place. Sakroots is another awesome company, who is giving back to the community. They supports The Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees Campaign which raises funds to restore and plant  one billion trees by 2015 on 2/5 million acres of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.

3. Portland Bee Balm


The Portland Bee Balm came as a sample in my January Conscious Box. I am not a lipstick/gloss person (too messy) and this organic lip balm works great to keep my lips from cracking in the chilly winter months. The thing I like most about this company is that it was founded by beekeepers who use the wax and honey from their own hives to create their products. If you haven’t heard, theres been a major decline in the honeybee population over the past several years, called Colony Collapse Disorder. Basically it’s the  absence of the majority of a hive’s bees, leaving only the Queen and some larve in an empty hive. The cause is still unknown, however there are several possible factors that are being researched. If we don’t have bees, we won’t have all of the amazing plants and flowers (and honey) among other things that make nature awesome, so be kind to the bees and support your local beekeepers! Want to help? Check out greatsunflower.org

4. Ecotools Powder Brush



I just started using this brush, so far it works great and the retractable brush is super convenient. Their products are created in an eco-conscious way, with recyclable packaging and reusable pouches. In 2013, Ecotools donated $100,000 to various organizations listed on their website… very cool.

5. Yes To Carrots Face Wash

IMG_2192After running out of my favorite Lancome face wash (I think they discontinued it) I franticly ran around looking for a new one to use. I found that this one makes my skin very soft and is made from 95% natural ingredients. I may have also purchased it because it is dubbed a “hydration superhero”, and who doesn’t superhero beauty products?

What are you loving right now?


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