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Cupcakes and Cursing like a Sailor

Well its day 4 of Lent, and I have already cursed 6 times (oops!) 5 out of 6 were by myself in the car during road rage, but I am really trying to hold myself accountable. I was thinking of making a “swear jar” like parents sometimes do for kids and put a dollar in every time I curse and then donate the money at the end. That got me thinking about what charity it would go to, since I am pretty wary about which ones are legit. I was thinking of the Wounded Warrior Foundation or the NJ Coalition for Battered Women; both of which I know are legitimate. Then I was thinking of volunteering for one hour per slip up. I don’t know, lots of ideas. For now I’ll just keep a tally until I figure it out.

Another tradition of Lent that my family practices is abstaining from eating meat on Friday. I have been so busy this week I was not prepared, so I ran to the grocery store on my lunch break and had a Kashi Black Bean Enchilada with 7 whole grains. It was bangin!

This image is from Kashi’s website, the real thing doesn’t look as pretty in person, but I promise its good

No offense Kashi, I love your cereal but I did not expect your frozen meals to be very good. I’m not a huge fan of frozen meals in general, but I highly recommend this one. I also got some tortilla crusted tilapia for dinner, we’ll see how that is! If I come up with any good meatless recipes, I’ll be sure to share.

I have been slipping from my yoga practice. I don’t know what happened, it seems like I don’t have enough time to get everything done in the day. I think I am still in vacation mode. And this morning I had a sugar hangover from this magical cupcake of joy that I split with the boyfriend last night. Seriously, the cake was moist and chocolatey, and the peanut butter frosting was perfectly flavored and melted like butter. Wow, sorry I got distracted thinking about it… and I might have drooled a little bit. Basically, it was amazing and I need to stay away from that place for a little while.

So many choices!
Three Girls Cupcakes and Swirls Bakery
Chocolate Peanut Butter Heaven
Chocolate Peanut Butter Heaven

This video was just what I needed this morning, I will have a fresh start and get back into it tomorrow. I hope you are all sticking with any challenges you may have started (better than I am at least), and if you have given something up for Lent, keep it up! You can do anything for 40 days 🙂


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