Day 1 Bikini Competition Prep

photo 1 “It will be worth it…”

I keep repeating this in my head over and over whenever I start to feel overwhelmed. Today was AWESOME! I had all my meals prepared last night, and everything I have eaten was filling and delicious. I met with my coach on my lunch break to go over supplements and he answered all of my questions about my diet/exercise for the next two weeks. I did my first “bodybuilding” style workout tonight. Blasted my shoulders and then some crossfit-style cardio. I have high energy and am feeling positive.

Last night was rough. My parents are generally tolerant of my fitness passion (I’m sure they would call it obsession) but last night Dad was in rare form. He likes to cook for the family and gets VERY OFFENDED when people don’t like his cooking. Unfortunately, nachos, sausage, and pasta are not on my menu for the next 5 months, so unless he wants to steam me some broccoli, it looks like I’m on my own. Seeing me prepare my own food must have rubbed him the wrong way, because he would not leave me alone. By the end of the night, I was so frustrated and exhausted I wanted to quit before I started! Fortunately, the BF was there to straighten me out. He rocks, and so do you guys!! The support I have received on here has been tremendous.

Looking forward to day 2, I’ll share some of my meals, and a long overdue polenta pizza recipe!

Yours in sweatpants,



2 thoughts on “Day 1 Bikini Competition Prep

  1. i’ve been there and understand! it’s always tough, but keep doing your thing and reach your goals 🙂

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