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Grateful Mornings

Ahh Sunday…


You only come once a week, but you never cease to bring me joy and relaxation after a busy week. Sunday happens to be my only day to sleep in (I guess 7:30 is “sleeping in” compared to 6) since I don’t need to open the gym until 10. The hour or two before everyone wakes up is my “me” time to wake up slowly and enjoy quiet time to myself.

This morning I finished the 30 day yoga challenge with Erin Motz from DoYouYoga. Life often gets in the way and “me” time goes out the window with so many other things to do. It took me a bit longer than 30 days due to life’s interruptions (and me oversleeping) but I did it! I thoroughly enjoyed the brief (about 15 min) dose of yoga that Erin brought to me every morning, energizing me to start my day off on a positive note. I am thinking about signing up for her MyYogaPro, which provides access to hundreds of yoga videos. Maybe that will be my reward for 2 weeks of clean eating!

More than anything, my quiet mornings allow me to reflect on the previous week and realize how wonderful my life is! I am so grateful to be surrounded by my wonderful family and friends, I have rewarding jobs (one that pays the bills, and one that feeds my passion!), and things are never really that bad. I am working on my relationship with God and becoming more spiritual. My meals may be routine and boring right now, I am thankful that I have healthy food to nourish my body. I am also SO THANKFUL for all of the wonderful people who have been offering kind words and support on my newest fitness journey to compete in an NPC Competition! So thanks guys!! You rock!

Eternally grateful,




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