“You’re too skinny, we need to fatten you up”

Well said! This is so frustrating, its a shame that families aren’t more supportive (mine certainly isn’t) but maybe understanding WHY they act this way will make it a little easier to handle.

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After losing 40+ lbs. and getting in shape you would think all comments you would receive from friends and family would be all positive sunshine and rainbows.  Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that in the real world many people do not take well to change…even if it’s not their own.  The biggest offenders by far are family members (not going to name any in particular to avoid offending anyone lol).  I’m repeatedly told by various family members that I’ve gotten “too skinny” despite the fact that I’m still well at the top of my healthy weight bracket not to mention having added on quite a bit of muscle mass along the way.

When I’m at family parties they try to feed me and if I’ve only eaten one plate of food they seem to get offended and try to make me more plates.  When I visit some relative’s homes I almost feel…

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