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Whirlwind week

The past two weeks have been filled with so many wonderful things I need to recap what has been happening to fully appreciate it all!

photo 3Two weeks ago the bf and I went indoor rock climbing at Gravity Vault in Middletown. The facility opened up a few months ago and it was awesome. It as bigger than the indoor climbing gym I usually go to, with 15,000 sq. feet of over 40ft high walls. I love being a “fit couple” and doing active things together. He always pushes me to try harder. We are trying to cram in a few more activities before he leaves for bootcamp.

photo 1Then I went on an amazing sun and relaxation-filled trip to Punta Cana with some of my lovely friends from CrossFit. I am going to do a more detailed recap of how I survived competition prep on vacation, but thats a post for another day. We relaxed in the sun, ate, swam, and snorkeled to our hearts content. It was exactly the break I needed from work, competition training, and life in general. I stayed on track with my training by working out every day and eating mostly clean, but I had a few indulgences here and there. I am looking forward to getting back on track with a strict diet for the next 16 weeks.

photo 2Now I am back to reality and spent all of Monday moving into my new office, which is sure to keep me VERY busy. I stocked my drawer with healthy snacks to avoid giving into cravings when coworkers are walking around with fudge and cupcakes. (Yes, both of those happened yesterday… this is going to be a challenge!)

Happy Tuesday!




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