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Friday Faves

Wow this week flew by!! Between starting the new caseload at work, meal prep/upping the intensity on my workouts, and spending as much time with the BF as possible before he leaves, I haven’t had a minute to spare!

I just wanted to share a few things that I am loving right now before I crash for the night.

First off, I had a love affair with plantains while on vacation, and CANNOT wait until after competition to bake/fry/turn them into chips. They are like bananas but not as sweet. Duh, you’ve probably had them before, but in case you haven’t! Give them a try. Now.

Plantain Chips

Every morning on vacation I had eggs and oatmeal like a good little competition prepper, and I had the most AMAZING salsa verde on my eggs to spice them up a bit. When I came home, hot sauce simply wouldn’t do, so I went to the grocery store and found this guy! Yummy!

photo 3

Egg muffins smothered in Salsa Verde
Egg muffins smothered in Salsa Verde

Finally, when I arrived home Easter Sunday, my parents and I had a mini Easter celebration since I missed all of the festivities. Instead of the usual candy, mom loaded my Easter basket with these fitness friendly treats, she rocks!!

photo 2
Dry shampoo, waterproof mascara, makeup removing wipes, and oil wipes. Crucial for gym going ladies!

What are you loving this Friday? Have a great weekend!



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