Competition Prep While Traveling

You’re going on on an all inclusive vacation during competition prep?! Are you nuts??

…Yea I got a lot of this over the past month. Maybe I am a little crazy, or a masochist, who knows. Either way, I got through it and have some tips for how you can too!

First off, heres a little recap of my week in paradise with my amazing friends:

My lovely and fit friends!
partner carry
Partner Carry
tire flip
Tire Flip!

Fortunately, these are CrossFit friends, so they were all about doing activities like paddleboarding, snorkeling, climbing palm trees, and walking everywhere we went.

And then there was the food….

photo 1
Shrimp Cocktail with Avocado Stack
Turkey Breast with Veggies. I just avoided the sauce.
Turkey Breast with Veggies. I just avoided the sauce.
Buffet Salad with lots of Veggies and Chicken
Buffet Salad with lots of Veggies and Chicken

If you’re sticking with your diet on vacation you NEED a plan!!

You are sure to fall off the wagon without one. Heres what I decided before I went:

  • Workouts: decide what you are going to do, and write it down before you leave. I kept a workout log for the week, and was able to do MOST of the exercises I had planned (they didn’t have all the equipment I needed but they had dumbbells so I could adapt.)
  • I decided I was going to work out every day except travel days, and then wound up working out the day we left too. I wanted to work out at 7am before everyone woke up, but the fitness center didn’t open until 8, so I would run from 7:30-8 and then go lift at 8am.
  • Walk instead of taking a shuttle or bus if its a short walk in a safe area. The extra exercise wont hurt, and you’ll know your way around much better.
  • Food: try to scope out restaurants in advance. No one in our resort spoke English so it was almost impossible to explain my dietary needs so I spent a lot of time at the buffet, walking around in circles until I found something I would eat.
  • Load up on veggies and salad bars to fill you up, and don’t waste your time walking down the dessert aisle.
  • If you allow yourself a cheat meal or two, make it just that, and nothing more. I had two cheat meals, both of which I had steak and veggies as my dinner, and a glass of red wine with some cookies/pastries for dessert. Not a day of binge eating, a meal.
  • Pack emergency snacks!! I brought a bag of almonds, rice cakes, a ton of Quest Bars, a bag of protein (clearly labeled for the plane). Packets of plain oatmeal are also a great travel snack, just add hot water!

Foods I ate on vacation:

  • Eggs, fruit, and oatmeal for breakfast (kiwi, papaya, melon, yum!)
  • A giant salad of fresh veggies and chicken for lunch with either balsamic vinegar or salsa to top
  • Dinner: a meat or fish entree with a side of veggies. I would usually ask for no sauce/sauce on the side (fancy places get offended if you try to tell them no sauce, but if its on the side, just don’t use it!)

Was I perfect on vacation? No, but I did the best I could and I was happy with how much I stuck with it. I am happy to be back to my routine, and am SO THANKFUL for all of the frozen chicken I cooked before I left.

Happy traveling!

❤ Nic


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