A new adventure!


I am always up for a new challenge and love pushing myself to new limits. I have been loving my weightlifting training lately, but I have fallen short when it comes to cardio. Sometimes I do CrossFit WODs (run/box jumps/jump lunges/etc), some days I like to run, but I prefer group activities. Today I went on my first Meetup.com get-together. I did a 7am run at the reservoir by my house, and had a BLAST! I met up with two awesome fellows from my area, and we ran 5 miles in 44 minutes, which for me was quick! It was very comfortable pace and we chatted the whole time, so it flew by. I am so thrilled to have made some new friends, especially now that the boyfriend is away, I will need things to occupy my time. I chatted with some of the group members and I think I will start doing some bootcamps in the park with them. Any way to sneak in a little cardio is OK with me!

A little fasted cardio does a body good!
A little fasted cardio does a body good!

Happy with my progress so far, but I still have a long way to go!

I hope you all push yourselves out of your comfort zone this week, and try something new. Thats how we grow!


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