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Restful Weekend and Protein Pancake Recipe

What an awesome weekend this turned out to be!

I hope you all enjoyed yours as well.
HIT crew at Stomp the Monster
HIT crew at Stomp the Monster

I was supposed to go to Boston for the CrossFit Regionals, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I wound up staying home. It wound up being a blessing in disguise though. I had cancelled work and my bootcamp class in order to head up to Boston, so for once in a very long time, I had nowhere to be on Saturday morning. I didn’t make any plans and I didn’t even set the alarm. It was glorious. I wound up being really productive though! I bought a dress for the bf’s bootcamp graduation, as well as some makeup/accessories for the bikini competition! Got a few good workouts in, and then created my very first YouTube video!


Today the HIT Squad was sponsoring a Stomp the Monster 5k, which is a wonderful cause. They offer financial and other support for cancer patients and their families and promote healthy lifestyles through diet and exercise. Our team ran a warm up at the beginning of the race, and then had a tent with lots of freebies at the end to give out to the runners. I ran my personal best 5k time (I think, I don’t usually time myself) at 24:45! Woohoo!

Then I met up with the lovely Allison, one of my longest (and long distance) best friends, for brunch at the Turning Point. If you haven’t gone and you live in the NJ shore area, you totally should! Everything on the menu looked incredible, and they had a half page devoted to hot teas! I had the “fit skillet” which is basically egg whites and lots of veggies, and a ginger tea. I am coming up with a list of people to invite out to lunch so I can go back there ALL THE TIME.


Fit Skillet from Turning Point
Fit Skillet from Turning Point

Speaking of delicious food, a lot of you have been asking for my protein pancake recipe. I haven’t been taking protein shakes lately because they are a little rough on my stomach, but if you enjoy them and you’d like a protein filled treat, give these babies a shot!

Protein Pancakes!

Chocolate Panake (with Dymatize ISO-100) topped with banana and PB2
Chocolate Panake (with Dymatize ISO-100) topped with banana and PB2
  • 1 scoop protein of your choice
  • 1 egg white
  • 1/2 cup applesauce (unsweetened) OR a smashed, ripened banana
  • a pinch of cinnamon
  • optional : 1tsp vanilla

Mix ingredients until they are the consistency of pancake batter (add a little water if too dry), pour in skillet as you would pancake batter, flip, and eat!

I top mine with fruit, or PB2 typically. This makes one big pancake or a few silver dollar sized. Enjoy!



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