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My First StitchFix!

Q: What do you do when your boyfriend goes to bootcamp, you’re on an extreme diet/exercise regime, and can’t comfort yourself with chocolate/ice cream/wine??

A: Buy yourself pretty clothes of course! 

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical about StitchFix at first. Its a tad bit expensive, and how will they know what I like/what will fit me? But, as well all know, I am lazy and shopping and crowds give me anxiety, AND I don’t have a very good sense of style, so I gave it a shot!

If you’re unfamiliar with StitchFix, basically it is an online personal shopper. First, you fill out a questionnaire and determine your fashion likes and dislikes. Next you provide your sizes and how you like your clothes to fit. You can also supply links to your Pinterest and other websites so they can gain insight on your style. There’s a $20 styling fee, which is non refundable if you don’t like anything in your shipment, but if you buy something the $20 goes towards that item! I wound up loving all 5 items in my order and kept them all!

Check out my fix!

Colibri Arrow Print Blouse – Hawthorn
Emmie Enamel Anchor Charm Necklace – Wimberly
Downing Striped Knit Shirt- Pomelo
Leopard Print Cardigan – Ellison Vinny Ankle Length Skinny Jean – Liverpool

Have you purchased a StichFix? How did you like it?? Let me know what you think! If not, check them out here!! ❤ Nicole



3 thoughts on “My First StitchFix!

  1. Love the first top & leopard of course- your fix was so much more interesting then my sisters and my moms, they were all like solids of strange fits too!

    1. How disappointing!! I think they took a lot of inspiration from my Pinterest board, so maybe if they did that it would help? I thought you would like those, I’m usually not adventurous with patterns but I love these!

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