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Two Days Out!!

Holy Moly time flies! 

I am currently finishing up my meal preparation, getting my last workout in, and then heading to Cape May to see the boyfriend graduate bootcamp!! I am so excited!! It has been a lonnnngg 8 weeks without being able to text/call/see him.

I have already cooked and portioned out all of my meals to bring for the show, and I am going to pack my bag now so that I will only have a few things to worry about Saturday morning. After the show, once I am settled down I will write up a list of what I brought/lessons learned for any of you aspiring competitors!

Traveling for the last two days before the show is going to be a little hectic, but I am prepared, and its totally worth it to see the BF! Wish me luck, I probably wont update again until after the show, but I’ll be posting pics on Instagram, so if you don’t already follow, @nicole_marie_fitness get on it!!


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