My First NPC Bikini Competition

Yesterday was the big day, and what a day it was!

4th Place!
4th Place!

All of the clean eating, training, and anticipation made for a longgg journey, but it paid off in the end because I felt very calm and prepared all day. My tan/hair/makeup were done, routine practiced, and food packed, nothing left to do but relax and enjoy the show!

…That was the hard part. For anyone who is considering competing for the first time, there are quite a few things you need to be aware of before getting too involved, I will share some things from my first experience to help shed some light on what it is like for you. **DISCLAIMER** This is my own personal opinion about one show that I competed in. I have no other experience to go off- and this is my blog, so don’t get your panties in a bunch if you disagree.

1. Shows are EXPENSIVE AS F*CK!!!! You will spend $100+ on each of the following: tan, bikini, NPC Card, show entry, hair (more if you get extensions), makeup. A coach can cost over $1,000 (I did not use one, you can see why here). Additional costs: gym membership, a buttload of food (every week!), mani/pedi, travel costs, shoes, jewelry, protein/supplements should you choose to take them, and MORE! Oh, and the shows will be expensive for your loved ones as well. If you wanted to come watch pre-judging and the night show it was $75…ridiculous.

2. You will sit around ALL DAY LONG on show day- and unless you’re into greasy, painted men flexing to the point where they might shit themselves, you will be bored to tears!! Sorry to be mean, I respect the hell out of someone who can have the discipline to transform their body on the level of a bodybuilder, but I think they look really gross and they do a million poses and take forever!! It was TORTURE!

3. You are on stage doing your routine for literally 30 seconds, and they will still rush you! The staff of my show (at least the guy backstage coordinating us walking on) was really rude and nasty and I was totally overwhelmed when it was my turn to walk on stage. I felt much better once it was time to line up and do comparisons, so I was able to salvage posing performance there.

Ok! On to the good stuff!

4. You will meet some sweet/wonderful/helpful people. I was afraid the other competitors would be mean and judgey -but that was totally not the case at all! The most fun I had during show day (besides being on stage) was spent in the bathroom with some amazing, beautiful ladies!! You will make friends fast because you are all crammed together in a small space trying to do finishing touches before going on stage. No one was hesitant to glue another girls suit on her butt or share hairspray/bikini bite for an emergency fix. Unfortunately, all of our phones died due to the poor cell reception at the venue, so I didn’t get all of their info. I’d recommend bringing a pen and paper just in case for this reason. I would love to meet up with my new friends to train or compete in the future.

Some of the lovely ladies I met!
Some of the lovely ladies I met!

5. Even if they cannot make it to the show (due to the distance/cost/the fact that its a long ass day), you will feel a surge of love from family and friends that you never could have imagined! I was overwhelmed by the support I received from home, and it boosted my confidence to rock the stage.

Hanging with mom!
Hanging with mom!

6. Being on stage is a BLAST!! Even if you have stage fright, or have to pee, or forget your routine… who cares!?? In that moment, you are looking freaking fabulous with your rockin’ bod, bronzed skin, and figure flattering poses that you could do in your sleep, ENJOY IT!! I loved every second of being on stage, and I think it showed on my face that I was genuinely happy and not just smiling for the judges.

My advice to future competitors? Put the work in before hand, and show day is a breeze! Being stressed wont make things better, so theres no reason to freak out! Keep a smile on your face, ask questions when you’re confused, and be nice to everyone, you’re all in the same boat! I personally felt a little like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality because I am a moron when it comes to getting prettified, and needed some major help from my new competitor friends to get “suited up”. We laughed and made cheese-y faces backstage to calm our nerves and congratulated each other when it was over. Remember that you are a winner, even if you don’t place, and that the experience will help you do better next time! The best way to learn how to do something is by doing it… so if you’re thinking about doing a show, sign up! Eat clean (check out my recipes), train hard, and ask for help!

4th Place!! Not too shabby!
Not too shabby!



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