Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Since the competition last month, I’ve totally gone off the deep end when it comes to food. Not necessarily making bad choices, but I have stopped with the meal planning/calorie counting/weighing and measuring. This has actually been more stressful than prepping my meals because now I never know where my next meal will come from! I need to get back to meal prepping, at least breakfast and lunch (dad likes to cook dinner for the whole family.)

My workouts have been really good. I still have lots of energy from the extra calories, and I have been focusing on lifting heavy. Yesterday I did deadlifts in the morning before my HIT class, and today I will just be doing the WOD at my CrossFit gym. Today were doing Eva: 5 Rds 800m run, 30 KBS, 30 pull ups. I like not having to plan my workouts, one less thing to think about.

I stayed up wayyy too late last night booking an impromptu trip for next week, (more on that later) and totally forgot to make breakfast for today!! Fortunately, there was some deli meat and spinach in the fridge, so I threw this egg white omelette together in a flash. I’ll be chugging lots of tea today since I work at my regular job and then I am coaching CrossFit and my HIT class tonight. woof.

Ham and Spinach Omelette
Ham and Spinach Omelette

Here’s another omelette I threw together the other day, made with egg whites and leftover pork, sweet potato fries, and spinach.

Pork and Sweet Potato Omelette
Pork and Sweet Potato Omelette

photo 2

When in doubt, throw meat and veggies in an omelette and call it breakfast (or lunch, or dinner!)

What do you make to eat when you’re in a hurry?


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