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Civilian Military Combine Race Review

Ever have that feeling when you wake up and you feel like you’re 62 instead of 26? That was me last weekend. On Saturday I ran an awesome obstacle race called the Civilian Military Combine.

Credit: Civilian Military Combine Facebook Page

The CMC is partnered with One Team, One Fight which raises money for both the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Travis Manion Foundation; both of which support our troops, veterans, and their families. Two wonderful non-profits, which is very appropriate since the CMC calls itself “America’s Race”.

photo 2
HIT Squad from CMC Facebook

I signed up with friends on the HIT Squad after hearing that it combined two of my favorite fitness competitions: obstacle races and CrossFit. The event begins with “The Pit” as its first challenge. The Pit consists of a 5 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible, for you non-CrossFit folk) with four levels of intensity to choose from. The intensity level ranges from Alpha (5 burpees, 7 box jumps, 9 sit ups) to Delta (5 Clean and Jerks 75#, 7 Burpee Box Jump Overs, 9 Kettlebell Swings 35# – ladies weights). I did Delta and completed 53 reps in 5 minutes.


Next you move on to the obstacle course, which boasts 4+ miles of obstacles with no bottlenecks/waiting in line. The obstacles included walls to climb over, a rope climb, sandbag carry, monkey bars, and much more. They had many of the common obstacles such as crawling under barbed wire (I’m kind of over this, its not hard and sole purpose is to get you muddy but all it does is scrape up my legs). There were a few surprises, including a rock climbing wall, which I really liked.

At the end of the race you slide down a pole (hello chafing) and run through the finish line to receive a Vitamin Shoppe bag filled with your competitor t-shirt and dog tags. Then, off to stretch and rehydrate with our complimentary beer (Budweiser/Bud Light).


Things I loved about this race:

  • The Pit. I love CrossFit, therefore, any excuse to throw a barbell around is good in my book!
  • Obstacles that were challenging and required some thinking (such as the rock wall) but weren’t impossible for short people. (I hate when I need a boost because I just cant reach!)
  • Not super muddy, no ice water/pools of mud/E Coli. (I’m a germaphobe, I don’t want to stick my face in muddy water, sorry I’m not sorry)
  • Great movement during the race. No backups, I didn’t have to wait in line at all, and the second half of the race was loaded with obstacles.
  • Friendly staff, my judge in the Pit was super motivating
  • Free pictures on their Facebook page and free beer at the end (A must for obstacle races)

Things that could use improvement:

  • Please start on time. We had over 1 hour delay to start. Our heat was scheduled for 11:45, we didn’t enter the Pit until after 1:00!
  • Inadequate amount of water before the race. Since we had an hour delay, we drank all of our water way before we started. No one had money since we checked our bag, and there were no water stations outside the race. Fortunately, the lovely people at Snapple gave us bottles of Snapple Water to hold us over.
  • Inadequate amount of water stations during the race. It was really hot out on Saturday and we were all dehydrated to begin with. The distance between the start and the first water station was very long with little shade, so many people had to stop and walk due the intense heat.
  • No food after the race. Half a banana or an orange slice would be sufficient, just a little something to hold us over until we can recover enough to get our belongings/money to buy a meal.
photo 1
Me in the Pit!

Overall, it was a really good race and I would definitely do it again!!


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