Tactical Strength Challenge Review

Oh no!! The charger for my laptop just broke, so I am going to have to type fast before it dies! … and it’s dead.  Thank goodness Mom has a laptop that I can use to order a new cord! (Or perhaps I’ll just share this one for a month or two, I do have a birthday coming up in December!)

Anywho, my laptop issues are not the reason I’ve gathered you all here today, I wanted to tell you about an awesome event I did last weekend! I took part in the Tactical Strength Challenge, which is a worldwide event hosted by StrongFirst that tests strength, bodyweight strength, and cardiovascular endurance. It is held twice per year,in the Spring and Fall, with the same events in order to track your progress. It consists of three events: max deadlift, max pull ups, and 5 minutes of kettlebell snatch for max reps. The event is hosted on the same day at locations all over the world and the scores are counted by a judge. There weren’t any host facilities in New Jersey, so my friends and I headed up to Five Points Academy in New York City to participate.

Our team at the TSC!
Our team at the TSC!

We arrived early, allowing plenty of time for weigh-ins and warming up. The first event of the day was max deadlift. Since I was using the lightest weight, I had to go in the first group. You are allowed three attempts to achieve your max lift. If you successfully complete a lift you may increase weight, if you fail you may attempt the same weight again, but cannot decrease your weight (I believe these are standard powerlifting rules). I did my first attempt at 210# because I did it as a warm-up and knew I could lift it. It went up easy. My second lift was 225#, my previous 1RM. It went up just fine, so for my third lift I attempted 230#. I lifted it successfully and came home with a new PR!! I think I could’ve done 235# but we only had 3 minutes rest in between, so I will save that for next time.

230 Deadlift!! New PR!!
230 Deadlift!! New PR!!

Next was max pull ups. The requirement was that you had to hit your neck or chest to the bar in order for it to count (a little more strict than an average pull up) and absolutely no swinging permitted. My goal was to hit 7 pull ups, and I did! I was a little nervous that I was going to nail my chin on the bar on the way down, but I got through it just fine. Next Spring I want 12!!

The third event was max kettlebell snatches in 5 minutes. I have been nursing a shoulder injury for the past few months, and it started to bother me the week before the challenge, so I decided to sit this event out. Not competing in one event will destroy your ranking, but I’d rather that be destroyed than my shoulder. Next time I will be ready to go! The ladies weight for the snatches was 35# (which gets heavy fast!) and I believe 53# for men. This was by far the most difficult event, and I’m not terribly sad I missed it.

Overall this was a great event to gauge your own performance and track improvements over time. I am looking forward to competing again in the spring to see how much I have improved!

Happy Lifting,


(P.S. Anyone want to buy me a new laptop??)



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