Erin Motz Yoga Workshop Review

This no laptop thing is really cramping my style. I keep wrestling with the idea of just buying a cheap knockoff charger on amazon and hope that it doesn’t fry my computer, because I really don’t have $80 to spend on an Apple one, or thousands for a new laptop. Listen Apple, its kind of douche-y to make crappy magnetic power cords that break, and then charge $80 for a new one. Not cool, Apple.


So this is a little delayed, but a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting my favorite online yogi, Erin Motz! You may have heard me mention her before here.

Erin came to the Princeton Center for Yoga and Wellness in Princeton NJ for a weekend of workshops. I attended three of the four workshops: Happy Hips and Twists, Core Madness, and Fearless Flying (inversions). Since I usually do my yoga at home, it was cool to actually go to a yoga studio and practice with other yogis! It was everything I had hoped it would be: hot tea in the lobby, lavender scented everything, and comfy pillows by the window to relax with my tea. And of course, lots of yogis! Erin was an excellent instructor and seemed to be as excited to be there as we were! (Which was very excited!) Her practice is straightforward and down to earth, which is exactly what a weightlifter like me needs… sometimes I get lost if instructors throw too many fancy words at me (chatarang-what?)

Since these were workshops and not regular yoga classes, we were able to really work on some skills that may not always be done in a regular yoga class. I was really excited to do crow pose and compass pose, which I had never done before! In the inversions class we worked on head/forearm/hand stands. As a former gymnast, I am used to being upside-down, but when you take away the use of momentum to fling yourself into a handstand, they get a lot harder! Erin gave us a ton of excellent cues and progressions to work up to difficult poses, as well as some core strengthening work to assist with getting into inversions.

erin yoga

After the workshops were over, Erin and her (now fiancé!!) Adrien stayed around to meet all of her yogis, sign blocks, and take photos. I had the opportunity to hang out with Erin and Adrien after class one night and I can attest that she is just as sweet in person as she is on video. While I will probably stick to online yoga videos for now (classes are pricey!) I will definitely be incorporating more yoga into my weekly routine to supplement all of the heavy lifting I do. If you’re interested in yoga, definitely check out Erin’s website as well as her YouTube Channel, which has a ton of videos under 30 minutes, perfect for yogis on a budget who are pressed for time (like me!)


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