Taking back my mornings!

I’m such a morning person. Waking up is typically my favorite part of the day. Before all of the distractions and obligations that the afternoon holds for us, I love taking some “me time” in the morning.

I guess things have been so hectic lately that I haven’t been enjoying my mornings. I wind up staying up late trying to get things done last minute, then hitting snooze a dozen times before I wake up, and then race through the morning to get on with my day.

Today, things are going to change.

Here are the things I am going to start doing in my morning routine:

  1. Turn off social media. (Yes, I know I am blogging, but I just consider that to be writing time. I am not going to look at facebook, instagram, etc for at least an hour after waking.)
  2. Get up when the alarm says so. I also added a positive wakeup message on the alarm on my phone, which I change up from time to time. Right now it is my personal motto: choose greatness,
  3. Combined with #2, with the extra time I have since I am getting up half an hour earlier than I would if I kept hitting snooze, I will take this time to be productive and work on things that are important that I Have been putting off because they are not urgent such as blogging, meditation/yoga, and reading.
  4. This is kind of temporary, but I have stopped all caffeine consumption for about a week so that it will be more effective at my powerlifting meet this weekend. I think that has had an effect on my tired mornings. I am finally starting to feel awake in the morning again, so maybe I have finally detoxed myself off of it.

For a little more inspiration on how to take back your own mornings, check out this article!


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