My First Powerlifting Meet

I’m excited to share that on December 14th I competed in my very first powerlifting meet!

It was an awesome experience and will certainly be the first of many for me. The meet was WNPF (World Natural Powerlifting Federation), who did an excellent job cycling through 82 lifters in an organized manner. Everyone was extremely friendly and positive, which is refreshing to see in a competitive environment. It felt more like a competition against my earlier self, with 80 friends to lift with.


The first event is the squat, which happens to be my weakest event, so I was quite happy to get it over with first. I hit my first and second attempts (185, 200) and was no repped on my third attempt (210). I’m not sure why they didn’t count it as a good lift, but I am stoked I stood up with it!

photo 1

Next, (and by next, I mean about 3 hours later) was the bench press. I hit my goal of 125# on the second attempt for a 5 pound PR (personal record).

Last, but certainly not least, the deadlift! (my favorite event). I hit 250# on my third attempt, a 20# PR. This was my goal for the year, and I am thrilled to have achieved it. I’m shooting for 300# in 2015.


Thank you to my friends who came out to cheer me on, my kick-ass trainer, and for everyone’s positive and encouraging words. You guys rock!!


First place in the 123# Raw Open class. Not too shabby! I have not decided on when my next meet will be, but I am eager to lift some heavy weights and set some new PRs.

Hugs and deadlifts,




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