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Stop Making Resolutions


Did you make New Year’s Resolutions this year?

Every year it’s the same thing. Binge eat and slack off during the holidays, make resolutions to do better in the new year… and slowly, those resolutions fade into the background when life gets in the way. It happens! Were all busy. Work, family, making sure everyone is fed, where’s the time to focus on you?

Don’t make resolutions this year, set attainable goals.

How do we make this happen? Instead of saying “I’m going to go to the gym this year”, or “I’m going to lose weight”, focus on setting a goal for yourself, and BE SPECIFIC!

Want to lost 20lbs this year? Thats 10lbs by June, only 5lbs by March! Anyone can lose 5lbs in three months. Once you break it down into realistic amounts, arm yourself with a plan! How will you lose 5lbs by March? Maybe you will walk for 30 minutes 3 days per week. Maybe you will join Weight Watchers if you struggle with portion control. Make your plan something you can definitely do (you can always do more!) and share your plan with loved ones who will keep you on track.

Work backwards. What do I mean by this? Start with the end goal in mind, and work backwards to determine what milestones you will have to hit along the way in order to hit your goal. Think of your goal as the finish line of a race, and you have to hit each mile marker on the way, before you can reach then end. For example, one of my goals for the year is a 300# Deadlift. My current max is 250#, and I have counted backwards from 300 to determine what numbers I need to hit every week in order to make that goal realistic. My next Powerlifting meet is in April. I will shoot for 265# (A 15# PR over the last meet) and I know that if I hit this, I will be well on my way to where I want to be.

Don’t get discouraged if you fall off track. A few days off from the gym or a piece of cake at a wedding wont ruin all of the hard work you’ve put in, so give yourself a break! 

Finally, don’t forget to celebrate the small things. A 1 rep PR, 1 pound, or walking for 1 extra minute are all one small step in the right direction, and no achievement, no matter how small, deserves to be overlooked.

I can’t wait to hear about all of your achievements in 2015! Go set some awesome goals 🙂


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