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Easter Festivities and Training Update

Happy Spring everyone!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the Easter/Passover festivities.

photo 4
The Easter Bunny was good to me!

We were quite busy in the kitchen getting ready for our Easter Sunday dinner. We bake a lot of traditional Italian dishes and breads, which are delicious, but quite an indulgence. Thank goodness we only make them once per year!

photo 2
Easter Goodies: Easter Pie filling, Cross Bread, Easter Pie, and Oreo Cookie Bars

In other news, I have refocused my training over the past two months off of powerlifting since I hurt my back, and more into olympic weightlifting. I have been focusing more on technique with lighter weights, which has taken the strain off of my back, and allowed it to heal properly.

I am also excited to share, I will be competing in my first Strongman show this month!! (Side note: Yes… I know I am female, but its still called Strongman. Just live with it. There is no StrongWOman federation, so stop correcting me.)

I train with an incredible group of ladies under the watchful eye of coach Katie Feeley. We are training for an all women’s competition held by Ladies Lift Here. Aside from making me stronger, physically, Strongman training has strengthened me mentally, and emotionally. We all fight through own battles… sometimes you may feel weak, sore, tired, or completely frustrated with training… but we all show up, give it our best, and give each other the strength to face the challenges of the day. I couldn’t have found them at a better time.

photo 3
Strongman Equipment for the Competition
photo 2
Dana doing a sandbag carry
photo 1
Heavy kegs! (no beer)

happy lifting,



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