May Queen Strongwoman Competition


Last weekend I competed in my very first Strongman Competition!!

It was awesome!!


 On Saturday, Ladies Lift Here hosted the 2015 May Queen Strongwoman Show. I cannot speak highly enough about Amanda and the LLH team, who put on an OUTSTANDING competition. If you have been following my blog, you know I have competed in many things. NPC Bodybuilding, CrossFit, Marathons, and WNPF Powerlifting, to name a few. Between the kind and supportive judges, the seamless transition between events, and the super fun goodie bags (and t-shirts!) this is one of the top events in which I have ever participated.

 There were seven divisions: LW Novice, MW Novice, HW Novice, LW Open, MW Open, HW Open, and Masters (I competed in LightWeight Novice).  Each competitor competed in five events:

1. LOG PRESS : Head to Head : 60 sec : C&P every rep (90#)

may queen log

2. AXLE DEADLIFT : Head to Head : 60 sec : 18” pull (220#)


3. MEDLEY : Head to Head : Load keg/sandbag to sled, into drag : 60 feet : 75 sec (125# keg/sandbag)

Paper Coach Katie cheering on Kelly
Paper Coach Katie cheering on Kelly

4. TIRE FLIP : Head to Head : 60 sec (425#)


5. TRUCK PULL : 75 feet : harnessed with rope

may queen truck pull

Every single event was a challenge. Some were damn near impossible. I got 0 reps on the tire flips (but boy did I try!) There was pain, sweat and tears, and over 100 ladies screaming their heads off for their fellow competitors. There was no judgement… Just cheers and support all around! It was so refreshing to see women empowering other women to do things they never dreamed that could do. What an awesome experience! Also, a HUGE shout-out to BA Athletics for keeping the two bathroom stalls stocked with toilet paper and towels throughout the day… I was really nervous about how that was going to go!!

In addition to the well run event, I cannot express my gratitude to the amazing ladies who have adopted me into their training family and pushed and supported me along the way. Katie’s Ladies kicked some major booty at the May Queen, and I could not be more proud of all of you! Your determination and hard work is inspiring. I am thrilled to say that I placed 4th in my class, and I am anxious to begin training for my next Strongman show!



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