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Workouts 7/20-7/25

Since my brief stint in Bodybuilding in 2014, I have been in the habit of tracking my workouts and meals. After competing, I fell off the bandwagon for a few months because I found it to be too stressful. One of my goals for 2015 was to keep a log of both my meals and workouts for the sole purpose of tracking; no judgement, no stress. Eight month’s into the year and I can proudly say I am still tracking! It’s tremendously helpful to be able to look back at my notes and see what I done and how much progress I have made. In addition to food and workouts, I have added an expense log (tracking how much I spend and on what), and reading journal (brief notes, quotes, references, etc. in books I am reading, in order to refer back to them later).
While it is not perfect, and I don’t remember to log every detail of every day, I still find it helpful and actually enjoyable. I am happy to say that journaling has become more of a stress relief than a stressor in my life.

I am currently training for the Ladies Lift Here: Harvest Queen which is taking place on September 5th. These are the events: Log/Axle Press Medley, Axle Deadlift, Farmers Carry, Backwards Sled Drag, and Stone Series. I am thinking about competing in the Lightweight Open class this time, instead of as a Novice; stepping a bit outside of my comfort zone… The weights will be heavier, and the athletes much stronger. Therefore, Operation: “Stop Being a Baby and Start Lifting Big Girl Weights” has been born.

I am basing my program off of the Starting Strongman Free 12 Week Program (thanks Kalle!). I am not following the program exactly, (because I have commitment issues) and some days I don’t have access to strongman equipment. I train at a CrossFit gym during the week, so sometimes if the WOD looks exciting, I will throw that in as well. Of course, I will still be training with Katie’s Ladies on Saturdays.

Below you will find my first week of training, I plan on blogging my workouts here weekly in order to keep me on track and to give you a glimpse of what my training/logging is like. Feel free to share your own in the comments section, I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing lately!


Day after the Strongman Mania – Rest Day


  • warm up: foam roll/mobility
  • 5×5 pull ups
  • 5/20 face pulls
  • axle clean and press 5xbar, 5×55, 3×70, 5 sets of 3×80
  • Z Press 2×8 at 40lbs
  • 3 way shoulder raise 3×10 6lbs
  • biceps curl 3×20 12lbs
  • band tri extension 3×10


  • warm up: keg carry: 95lbs x 120 ft (38 seconds), 95 lbs x 120 ft (45 sec), 115lbs x 60 ft (30 sec), 115lbs x 60 ft (30 sec)
  • Front Squat GRID (based off of 155lbs max): 95lbs x 10, 105 x 8, 115 x 6, 125 x 2, 125 x 4, 105 x 8, 115 x 6, 105 x 10
  • Weighted planks: 3×60 seconds with 25# plate
  • Back Squat 2×8 at 95lbs
  • Front rack lunges 3×8 at 65lbs


  • warm up: foam roll, theraband stretches

WOD (CrossFit Toms River) 3 rounds for time, 1 min each station:

wall ball, battle rope, flutter kicks, box jump, air squat, kb swing, slam ball, air dyne


Rest Day!

7/25/15: Strongman Training with Katie Feeley:

  • Log, technique work (empty log) 2×3 push press, 3×3 push jerk
  • Circus DB: empty (40lbs) 5×3 push press each arm
  • Yoke: empty, 270, 320, 360 (held at 360, did not walk)
  • Sandbag Carry: (100lbs) 3 passes down and back
  • 3 minutes of planks

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