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Beauty in Strength – The Rise of the Strongwoman Athlete

[Photo credit: Anonymus [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons] Hi Strong Friends! I hope you are having a summer filled with PR’s, both in and out of the gym. As many of you know, I am an avid fan and competitor in the sport of Strongman. I am excited to see that our community is growing and… Continue reading Beauty in Strength – The Rise of the Strongwoman Athlete

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Proper Hydration and Workouts 7/27/15-8/2/15

Hi everyone! I know these are delayed, I am still working on catching up with posting the workouts from the past few weeks on here. The reason I’m backing up to July is because I wanted to capture the whole training process between my last strongman show and the next upcoming one. I wanted to… Continue reading Proper Hydration and Workouts 7/27/15-8/2/15

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Rest Day

Wow this is my 100th post!! How crazy is that? I’ve had a stomach bug, or possibly food poisoning for the past two weeks and haven’t been able to shake it. I wound up staying home a few days to rest…and of course it was when that they are putting in our granite countertops..awesome. Instead of… Continue reading Never Underestimate the Power of a Rest Day

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The lack of specificity of weightlifting assistance exercises : Part 1

Originally posted on First Pull:
From Lifter’s Life. Copyright © Clance Laylor 2014 Assistance exercises are often debated and debaters tend to have a wide range of opinions. I have encountered and discussed with coaches and athletes that defend how useless they think assistance exercises are just like I have encountered coaches and athletes that are so…